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We are a group of freelancers every of us have different type of skillsets and work on our projects as a team and give quality content to our clients. We have experience of couple years working with different clients and providing them our best services of Digital Marketing, SMM, SEO , Logo designing, Web content and website designing, It Recruitment and other services.

The idea for a group of freelancers comes up for giving opportunities for new talent and they work with experienced freelancers and gain their skills on live project. We as a group learn more can easily resolve any problems and can provide perfect content for our clients.

Client Reviews


SM Groups

Digigurus Work for us from starting and provide us their best services to us they made our portfolio website which help us to make our leads and client to be happy

Guru Confectionery

Guru Confectionery

Digigurus made our startups digital profile that helps us to make more customers through internet, Our costumers can find us through internet easily and Digigurus made a logo for the identity of the startup!

How we work

1. Requirement Analysis

We start by analyzing the requirements of our clients and gets exact need of what our client wants.

2. Brain Storming

After getting the requirements and needs of our client we start with brainstorming process to find every best alternative for the requirement

3. Process Alternatives

We select the best alternative and start to work on it and give the best quality content to our client after review

4. Delivery

We deliver the content to client and get the feedback and complete the requirements in feedback.



How Social media can help your Business

Social media Platform have great amount of people available there and Its too good for any business to grow.


Top tools to get freelance clients online

There are many websites that can give you clients by just bidding or sending pruposal to them.


How to increase social media followers for business

Enagagement of social media audience and growth of the business on social media is an important part for making more Business leads.


How to make best out of Video Marketing

Videos are the most engaging content for any business.You can use these hot tips to make best out of Video Marketing

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Our Team

Suryansh Upadhyay
Founder, Digi Guru
Shantanu Pathak
Co-Founder, Digi Guru